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Human Psychology About Stock Market

(Stock market): – It is a place where our Indian companies are listed there name in primary or secondary market. By the help of primary market, we are buying IPO and in secondary market we are generally buying stocks or trading stocks.
It has some guideline and discipline to follow. Our government appointed SEBI to manage all kind of security related work related to exchanges, companies and investors. So, SEBI maintain a healthy relationship between companies and investors.
It is a kind of business, if you manage properly as per your risk, you will get a decent amount of income. So, learn the process to invest money in stock market properly.
In general, majority of people believe that stock market is a place of gambling and manipulation. They don’t want to take the pain to learn about stock market. But they want more profit from stock market. It is difficult to become successful in any sector without having a proper knowledge about the respective sector.
I had discussed with so many people, they were happy to invest in fixed deposit and getting 7% to 8% return per annum. And they are thinking their money is increasing year by year. But they are not thinking about inflection rate per year. As per the calculation, the inflection rate per annum is around 10% to 12%. People are losing their money value year after year.
If anyone is giving 7% to 8% per annum in term of fixed return, people are happy. But if the same people will come to stock market, they will expect 100% to 200% per month. They won’t satisfy with 25% to 30% per month. Most of them don’t want to invest more time to learning, but expect more money from stock market.
We can earn good amount of money from the stock market. But before earning we need to learn properly. Need to take it as a full time or part time business and invest our time and money to go to the deep level. We should control our fear and greedy to become successful in the stock market.
If more and more people will invest and join our Indian stock market, then it will help our Indian companies and our country to grow further. So, learn properly, invest wisely and profit will follow you eventually.

”Live a financially healthy life.”

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