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(Commodity market)
Various types of markets are available to trade and investment. Market names are given below.

  • Equity
  • Derivative
  • Commodity

Commodity market is one of the biggest markets available in the world. Generally we are trading the core materials through this market.For commodity trading in India, two exchanges are available; these are MCX (Multi Commodity Exchanges) and NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange).

  • Market Timing: 10AM to 11.30PM

Different Types of Commodity:

  • (Bullion)Basically two bullions are traded in the commodity market; these are GOLD and SILVER.
  • (Base Metals) Five major metals are being traded in the commodity market; these are Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Aluminum and Lead.
  • (Energy)Two major energies are Crude Oil and Natural Gas.
  • (Agro Products) Various products are available like Bajra, Chana, Chili, Wheat, Rubber, Potato, Sugar, Pepper, JEERA, Turmeric and Coriander, etc.

Why trade Commodity?

  1. We can make money in both the direction i.e. when market is going up and when market is going down.
  2. Only need to pay 5% out of 100% of the total capital to trade the product.
  3. Technical analysis works very well in commodity market.
  4. It helps to increase capital rapidly due to 20 times leverage capacity.
  5. We will get idea about core product pricing change like Gold, Silver.
  6. Need small amount around 4000/- to 15000/ to start trading in commodity.
  7. We can trade after normal office hour also like after 6PM.

Features of Commodity:

  • We can buy/sell any contracts for limited period of time like 1 month to 12 months decided by exchanges.
  • Trader can make money creating long position in time of bullish market and short position in time of bearish market.
  • Trader can trade at least 1 Lot.
  • Unlimited numbers of lot are available.
  • Every product has same or different expiry date decided by exchange.
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