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How to Start Investing in Stock Market – NextMarketCorp

Prerequisite: –

  • Open a Demat account with good broker or sub-broker like Share khan, Zerodha, etc.
  • One Desktop or Laptop with internet Connection.
  • Gain enough knowledge about stock market “From Books, internet or joining stock market related classes “before investing hard earned money.
  • Do meditation daily to control your mind.


We need to understand that, Stock Market is a kind of business like other business. So, before entering into this market, should be prepare enough to handle all kind of challenges.

Let’s discuss, How we can start out investing: –

  • Account Opening: – Open a Demat account with a good broker, where you can get proper guidance and chart reading facility to understand about market movement.
  • Select Stock For Investment: – Find out a best stock for investment. For this need to do some homework like Fundamental analysis, Technical Analysis.(What is the Use of Fundamental Analysis?): – By the help of Fundamental Analysis, we can find out the performance history of the stock and we can check that, it is fundamentally strong or weak stock.

    Fundamental analysis can tell us about EPS, P/E, Net Profit, Operation Profit and the entire balance sheet of the company. So, it’s a very good idea to check the stock fundamentally before investing.

    (What is the Use of Technical Analysis?):-By the help of Technical Analysis, What will be the right to enter into stock market, overbought and oversold situation of the market.

    “In Simple Way, If Fundamental Analysis is a boat and then Technical Analysis is the directional indicator in the Sea (Stock Market)”

  • Follow with Patience: – Patience is the key factor in stock market. If you want to be a successful investor or trader, then you should follow the market by patience.
  • Follow as per your rule: – By the help of your learning create rule, which match your personality (Matching your personality means that rule you can follow easily.)
  • Never predict Market: – It’s very important to follow the market. So, never predict the market.
  • Be Emotionless: – Never allow your emotion to take decisions for your investment.
  • Create a broad portfolio: – Never invest all your money in one stock, select more than one stock to build a good portfolio. Because if you lose certain amount of money in one stock, it will be manage by other stock.
  • Monitor your Portfolio carefully: – So many event, news is coming day-by-day. Lots of changing is happening around the world. A big event can impact stock market a lot. So, need to track our portfolio as per the rule.

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  1. your article is best for understanding the terminology about the stock market you have clear many things with the help of this article I wrote this soi have found many suggestions and also use full information about the stock market so continuously write these type of article this is very helpful for learning about the stock market .

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