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Safal Stock Trader Honeki Rasta [Ways To Become A Successful Trader]

Basic Step: –

  • Start reading business news, blogs(like business blog) to gain market related information and watch news channel to collect information (“not Tips”).
  • Start following business related sites like,, etc.
  • Talk with people, who has knowledge related to market (Don’t take advice from everyone).
  • Open Demat account and start paper trading based upon your knowledge and experience. (Do it for 2-3 months & note all your success and failure).

Intermediate Step: –

  • Collect all your, mistake done by paper trading. Thing how to resolve the issue. [Continue your trading for 2 more months].
  • If your interest is still increasing to know more about stock market, then do the advance step.

Advance Step: –

  • Now you are more serious about stock market.
  • Join stock market classes, learn about various market like equity, commodity, futures, FOREX. Learn both Fundamental & Technical analysis.
  • Invest your money & time to learn and understand the concept.
  • Find a mentor, who will guide you for doing trading and investing in stock market.
  • Start trading under him/her, you will be a profitable professional within few months.

NOTE: Discipline and Patience is the key of success in stock market.

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