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Share Bajar Me Trading Kaise Kare In Hindi (Technical Analysis) [How to earn money from share market]

This article and video contains information about technical analysis. What is technical analysis? It is kind of area, which will help us to understand about market direction.

Generally, we have different kind of charts are available to do technical analysis. Like RENKO Chart, Heikin Ashi Chart and Candle Stick Chart.

Renko Chart: –

  • It looks like square box. If more than 3 green square box is forming up-side, then it’s a indication to buy the share. If more than 2 square box is forming down side, then it’s a signal to exit from the market.

Heikin Ashi chart: –

  • It’s looks like a candle and formed without gap. If more than 2 green candle form to the up-side, then it’s a signal to buy the share and when more than 2 red candle form to the down side, then it’s a signal to sell the share.

Candle stick chart: –

  • It’s a common chart pattern, It more user-friendly to understand the market. It looks like a candle with one body and tail on both sides. Various types of candle stick pattern are available like Single candle, double candle and triple candle stick pattern.

NOTE: – Follow this formula, as per your risk taking capacity and patience. You able to make decent amount of money from stock market.

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