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Different Types And Styles of Market available

This video and article contains different market information and their leverage and different styles of trading.

Generally four types of market are available for trading.

  • Equity
  • Derivative
  • Commodity
  • Equity : – Equity market means normal stock market. Where we can buy and sell Stocks
  • Derivative: – It is up two types, Like a) Option b) Futures
    • Futures is up two types
      • Share Futures Like Reliance Futures, TataSteel Futures, VEDL Futures
      • Index Futures Like Nifty Futures, BankNifty Futures, NiftyIT Futures

So, We can trade in various markets below: – It has different leverages. Leverage = actual profit * Leverage amount

Market & Products Leverage
Equity 1
Stock Futures 10 Times
Index Futures 20 Times
Commodity 20 Times
Option 25 Times
FOREX 40 Times

We have different styles of trading like
2) Swing
3) Positional
4) Long Term

Intraday: – Buy/Sell happen within same day [Good for profesional traders]
Swing: – Hold The position upto 1 to 2 weeks [Good for people, who is doing job or business]
Positional: – Hold the position upto 3 months [Good for generating incomes like weekly income, monthly income]
Long Term: – Hold the position up-to 3 to 5 years[Good to generate wealth]

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