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Category: Market Information

About PPF (Public Provident Fund)

(What is PPF?) Public Provident Fund is a tax-cum-saving avenue, introduced by the national saving institute of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in India in the year of 1968. Interest […]



(Commodity market) Various types of markets are available to trade and investment. Market names are given below. Equity Derivative Commodity FOREX Commodity market is one of the biggest markets available […]

Human Psychology About Stock Market

(Stock market): – It is a place where our Indian companies are listed there name in primary or secondary market. By the help of primary market, we are buying IPO […]


(Option Product)It is a derivative security product available in the stock market, which helps people to earn good amount of money in market. It comes to Indian stock market in […]

Futures Contract

(FUTURES CONTRACT): (Payoff of Future)Payoff of future means, buying/selling futures contract. In this case the losses as well as profits are unlimited for the seller and buyers. You can create […]

Introduction and Uses of Derivatives

(Derivatives)Derivatives is a kind of virtual product, which helps trader to do trading in both sides of the market like long and short site of the market. It is a […]

Financial Statement Analysis

(Balance Sheet) Balance sheet is a kind of financial term, which is calculated based on some time duration like quarterly or half yearly or annually. It contains assets, liabilities, debt, […]

IPF, Trading, Membership and Listing

(Listing) Listing is a kind of financial instrument, when a private company decide to grow their funds and go to public. On that time the company name need to list in […]

Intermediaries in Stock Market

(Intermediaries In stock Market) An intermediary helps people to invest their money in stock market. It may be an organisation or a fund manager. It acts as a mediator in […]

Depository And Stock Exchange

(Depository) It is a kind of facility, where we can store our assets, money, etc. and it will provide security to our assets. So, in simple term it is a […]

Secondary Market – SEBI

(Secondary Market) It is a kind of market, where investors buy and sell securities they already own. Generally most people typically think of as “stock market”. To control all kind […]

Derivative Market

(Derivatives) A derivative is a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is a contract between two or […]

Primary Market/ IPO

(Primary Market) The primary market is where securities are created. It’s in this market that firms sell (float) new stocks and bonds to the public for the first time. It […]

Investment Avenues

Different investment avenues are available to generate financial wealth and provide you financial freedom. Let’s learn these concept below. (Non-Market securities)  Non-marketable securities are securities, typically debt securities, that are […]

Know About Company

(Company) A voluntary association formed and organised to carry on a business. It is of various types, like partnership, limited liability, corporation, private limited company, public limited company. (Private Company)Business firm […]

Financial Instruments

Stock Market: – It refers to collection of markets and exchanges, where the issuing and trading equities, bonds and other sorts of securities takes place. In general term, it is […]

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