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Category: Market Information

Serious Parts Of Trading

To become a successful trader, need to follow the rules before trading. Watch the video and know about critical component of the trading. Advertisements


How to choose Mutual Fund?

(What is Mutual Fund): “Mutual fund” is kind of investment scheme, usually run by some asset management company.  They can collect money from investor and invest their money on their […]

About PPF (Public Provident Fund)

(What is PPF?) Public Provident Fund is a tax-cum-saving avenue, introduced by the national saving institute of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in India in the year of 1968. Interest […]


(Commodity market) Various types of markets are available to trade and investment. Market names are given below. Equity Derivative Commodity FOREX Commodity market is one of the biggest markets available […]

Human Psychology About Stock Market

(Stock market): – It is a place where our Indian companies are listed there name in primary or secondary market. By the help of primary market, we are buying IPO […]


(Option Product)It is a derivative security product available in the stock market, which helps people to earn good amount of money in market. It comes to Indian stock market in […]

Futures Contract

(FUTURES CONTRACT): (Payoff of Future)Payoff of future means, buying/selling futures contract. In this case the losses as well as profits are unlimited for the seller and buyers. You can create […]

Introduction and Uses of Derivatives

(Derivatives)Derivatives is a kind of virtual product, which helps trader to do trading in both sides of the market like long and short site of the market. It is a […]

Financial Statement Analysis

(Balance Sheet) Balance sheet is a kind of financial term, which is calculated based on some time duration like quarterly or half yearly or annually. It contains assets, liabilities, debt, […]

IPF, Trading, Membership and Listing

(Listing) Listing is a kind of financial instrument, when a private company decide to grow their funds and go to public. On that time the company name need to list in […]

Intermediaries in Stock Market

(Intermediaries In stock Market) An intermediary helps people to invest their money in stock market. It may be an organisation or a fund manager. It acts as a mediator in […]

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