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Prathamesh Redkar 13th Apr, 2017

Hi, it’s been around 2 weeks that I joined next market corp and getting trained from Mr Jibanjyoti on stock market, believe me I hadPrathamesh Testimonials zero knowledge about the market before joining the training but was always curious about knowing it, I always thought that investing in stock market is kind of gambling and that’s why I was always sceptical about actually investing in it.

But after joining NMC where I am getting trained under  Jibanjyoti, my way of looking or reading towards the market has changed through his training so far, his in-depth knowledge and meticulous observation in stock market will definitely help us to invest smartly in the market.Through his training you will definitely realise that if you educate yourself more in stock market before investing the amount of risk is very less.
I would recommend to join his training if you want to change yourself from just a investor to a very smart investor in stock market.

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